As Rock Your Shot's most regular speaker, Sam really needs no introduction! His genuine and honest imagery has seen him recognised as a Rangefinder Rising Star in 2015 as well as winning 7 Master of Wedding Photography UK Lifetime awards and multiple Fearless awards.

He's well known for smashing all aspects of what this job entails from photography technique to editing to his outstanding business skills which are rooted in a background that has seen him work across creative design, branding and marketing industries.

Talk Description

"Hey there, I'm Sam, and I'm going to be covering how I approach a wedding day, from staying creative in the moment, to keeping a positive mindset for 14 hours and just generally everything that goes into making me the best photographer that I can be for my couples. We'll be talking about using inspiration sources from outside of wedding photography, building relationships with clients and guests, along with some simple shooting techniques that I take to every wedding."