Liam is unique within the UK wedding industry in many ways. Shooting weddings since 2002 he has acheived the rare feat of evolving in time with, indeed ahead of the dramatic changes in photographic style that have come to be expected from wedding photographers in recent years. Liam has stayed comfortably ahead of the curve, redefining a style that has without doubt become one of the most recognisable out there. Together with his wife Bee, the 'wedditting queen of the north west', they form a formidable partnership!

Live shoot description

"After 16 years in this industry and over 500 weddings to my name I still fricken love every minute of it! How do I keep loving what I'm doing? The answer is through creative portraiture! As wedding photographers it is our job to create a set of awesome images our couples will love, but it can be easy to forget about ourselves. As creatives we have needs during the image making process, and I believe these needs are directly linked to our needs in everyday life. Don't forget about yourself as an artist, allow your personality to come through in your image making!"