"I'm Laura Babb but you can call me Babb. I love Star Trek more than I reasonably should, I often dress like a five year old child even though I'm a fully grown woman, I love bright colours and glitter and watching cat videos on Youtube. 

I am passionate about running a successful, sustainable and ethical photography business. I have over 200 weddings under my belt in five years as a full time business owner, and I also run the SNAP Photography Festival.

My work has been featured everywhere from Hello Magazine to Cosmopolitan and last year I was lucky enough to be named one of Rangefinder Magazine's 30 Rising Stars of worldwide wedding photography. If that all sounds a bit braggy I refer you back to my earlier comments about Star Trek and dressing like a child....

More than anything I am passionate about community and sharing knowledge. I am also quite partial to dancing badly after consuming beer."

Talk description

"From the images you curate in your portfolio, to the tone of everything you write, your brand should run through every aspect of your business as a photographer and it's a brilliant way to differentiate yourself from your competition. This session on building a brand will cover everything from identifying and finding your ideal client to creating a brand experience and client journey. We'll identify ways to make sure your brand is reflected throughout your business and you'll leave with a better idea of the key elements of a good brand strategy."