Emma Case is a British Photographer currently based in Birmingham, England. Shooting professionally for 9 years,  Emma has an honest and natural affinity for the glorious everyday... the extraordinary in the ordinary. With a background in acting and also being fluent in British Sign Language, Emma has found that her curiosity and a deep desire to explore and share stories has influenced her professional journey.

Shooting on both film and digital Emma has worked on several commercial campaigns, overseas charity projects, local documentary photo stories and weddings all across the globe, from Serbia to New York, Zambia to New Zealand.

Emma is stupidly passionate about people, telling their stories, listening, investing and feeling connected with what she does and she is equally passionate about giving back and helping others to do the same. For the past six years she has run her own workshops for photographers as well as guest speaking at photo conferences around the world.

Recently, Emma and her husband Pete have founded the IDo Community, a space where members of the online community can give their time and skills to raise funds and create awareness for various charities and non-profits. Emma has also set up Deaf Refugees UK, organising a trip to the Calais Jungle to offer hearing aids and communication support for Deaf refugees.

Talk description

"Shooting from your own unique place… How your background and your personal tastes are a wonderful, rich place to look for influence and inspiration. It is good to look back to where you came from, the people and places that shaped you and shaped your vision of the world..."